Mobile Stand-alone Shelter & Safe Room


Mobile Shelter & Safe Room

Manufactured by: KIBO&ATMAS

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Based on decades of experience in the security and civil defense shelters sector, Atmas and KIBO introducing new and revolutionary solution designed for protecting people in private and commercial property.

Prefabricated, transportable and ready for use, blast, ballistic, forced entry and CBRN protected Safe Room with Integrated security, safety and life-support systems. Decorated with wooden covers not to stand out in the property and includes transparent windows under the cover for more comfortable stay.

Technical Specs:

■ External dimensions (m): 2,00 x 4,00 x2,25 (H)

■ Weight: 7.500 kg

■ Capacity: 5-6 adults

Protection Specs:

■ Ballistic: minimum UL 752 Level 10 ( resists 12,7 mm x 99 FMJ)

■ Blast: minimum 3 psi * 100 ms.

■ Forced entry: standard securety level

■ CBRN: Air filtration according SI4570 standard

Standard equipment:

■ Power Station 1000 W (2x USB-C 100W / 2x AC/ 2 x 3A USB-A / Car Power Output / 2 x DC). – 2x Solar panel 380 W

■ Water station (Dispenser)

■ Set of a pair of  VHF/UHF with roof antenna – CBRN air filtration system or  gas masks 6 pcs. Lighting protection installation

■ Earthing installation

■ Bulletproof windows behind the wooden strips at all sides of the shelter

■ Blast-protected ventilation points

Optional features:

■ WC & Sink (chemical type)

■ AC 12 000 btu cool*heat

■ Full electrical insatllation

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Additional information

Weight 7,500 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2.25 cm


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