NBC Filtration Systems


The shelter ventilation system – The Heart of the Shelter!

Atmas offers it’s selection of NBC air filtration systems and other solutions for protective, industrial and commercial applications. Arconik’s advanced, certified and cost-effective solutions are installed in tens of thousands of civil defense shelters, government and industrial facilities, private bunkers and saferooms and other applications around the world.

We offer a complete selection of solutions for facilities of all sizes, starting from small private safe rooms and up to very large special purpose facilities designed for thousands of occupants.

NBC / CBRN / TIC air filtration systems are designed to provide fresh filtered from contaminants and particles air into protected spaces for creating a toxic free area (TFA). Depending on their purpose and integrated filters such systems can filter different war or industrial gases and chemicals, biological particles like viruses and bacteria, radiological and nuclear particles and materials, as well as coarse and fine dust and more.

Integrated into the systems filters define what kind of gases and particles the filter can filter/adsorb. The filters usually have to meet the requirements of different civil defense standards or can be specially designed to meet specific purposes. As an example, in nuclear power plants and nearly located facilities commonly there are requirements for additional Iodine adsorption capabilities of the filters. 

NBC filtration systems can be installed together with air handling units (AHU) in large shelters to distribute the air correctly to all parts of the shelters and prevent concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) and maintain correct levels of oxygen (O2) in all rooms and parts of the shelter. In smaller shelters the air can be distributed by the system itself with support of air duct and placement of overpressure valves.

For shelters, bunkers and facilities that can be operated in isolation mode systems air regeneration systems need to be added – carbon dioxide (CO2) removal systems (scrubbers) and compressed air/oxygen (O2) supply systems for maintaining required levels of CO2, O2 and overpressure. 

NBC – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
CBRN – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear
TIC – Toxic Industrial Chemicals

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